Mysmartpage – DEMO

New 1p per order App to be a lifesaver for small bars and restaurants.


Are you an SME bar, a restaurant that does not have your own order App like maybe the larger venues have?

Now you can have the full benefit of an App that your customer can order from. They can browse from your full menu and drinks and order directly from their table. Orders then appear on a screen at your POS ready for the staff to collect the payment and deliver the order - however, you want to.

Features of MySmartBar

  • Quick and easy setup one-off fee £99

  • Free customer app

  • Monthly direct debit billing

  • Minimises staff customer contact

  • Improves sales flow and time

  • Low 1p (yes one penny) per order

  • No contract tie in

  • Venue full admin system

  • Multiple staff can use same time

  • Plus new feature coming soon

Unlike some App interfaces that charge you 15 to 30% of order value, we don’t, we want to help venues get open and get selling within the guidelines of Corvid-19 rules, this system reduces the time the customer and staff are together discussing the order, what offers, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

This system is designed from the ground up to make everything as easy for the venues as possible.

  1. Go to
  2. Register interest MY SMART BAR
  3. Full account setup available shortly
  1. Your bank details for the direct debit mandate
  2. Your logo to display with the App
  3. A PDF or photograph(s) of your menu
  4. Card payment details to pay for setup

Not yet but that feature will be available as an option very soon, the customer pays you directly by whichever method you use, cash, contactless, card

YES – we charge 1 penny per order, NOT a percentange of the order, it doesn’t matter to us whether the order is for £1.00 or £100.00 you pay the Penny.

Yes, this is the only way we can keep the prices down, monthly you will receive an invoice for the 1p per order, this will be collected from your bank around 10-12 days later.

To keep the costs low for you then we provide the software and service, you provide your own internet connected device, whether that is Ipad or other tablets, Chrome book or laptop that is your choice.

The order will come up on the system, each signed in bar staff can accept the order, make the payment, server the order, mark the order completed. the more staff you have the more device you have will improve your throughput of sales and therefore increase turnover

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