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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Like all businesses that become successful they start with an idea, a glimmer, wanting something to just work better – Health, safety and due diligence (HSADD) started that way…..

In 2010 I was the Operations Director of a very busy city centre nightclub based in Liverpool (known at the time as ‘THE’ claims capital of the UK…. We were receiving false and malicious claims on a weekly basis and this was despite doing everything that our insurers asked us to do – every single thing..!!

It didn’t work …. Every time the claim was brought and our evidence was challenged it failed, either records, training, checks and logs, the type of evidence we were presenting, it didn’t matter and each time it was costing the business £5,000.00 excess (£10,000.00 hard earned turnover)

I searched for a way to prove that we had done everything correctly and started working with a software writer and business owner who had faced the same issues and with his existing web based software, some good modifications we now have a fantastic piece of software, real time web based record system that no one can say you haven’t been duly diligent.

It took a couple of years to get everything the way that I wanted to use the system and now (touching a big piece of wood) we haven’t had a claim succeed against us in 7 years, we have saved over £300,000.00 and our insurance has reduced by 2/3…. That is a result….

With over 24 years experience in Night clubs and bars in a major city there is not much that I haven’t seen or come across, I am continuously looking for better and better ways to protect my existing business and improving that of others….

At first I started by just helping out friends in a similar business, then they would recommend me to their friends…..!! – very soon it was apparent that I was able to help lots of venues who had gotten themselves into difficulty, not through being ‘bad venues’ or avoiding serious issues, just mainly because they were so focused on providing their key service that things like H&S, due diligence slipped by… day by day and week by week. This made them easy targets for claims and action by Police for premises licensing review.

At one license review hearing I presented our compliance system with a vast amount of evidence to show how the real time checklists worked and how with the system, if used correctly, the venue would not fall foul again, the chair of the committee stated to the Clients;“If this system had been in place a year ago, you would not have been in front of this committee now”.

I just sat in that meeting room and thought about the costs of getting to that point to the venue, they were devastating, 40 people lost their jobs and the business lost it’s licence, the overall losses, including lost profit was in excess of £500,000.00, I watched as hard men lost their composure, it was the saddest day I had witnessed for a long time, at that moment I thought, “I have got to do something to change this”….Health, Safety and Due Diligence (HSADD) was started…..!

I started locally in the Liverpool area, (highest litigation area in the UK) and once the system was initiated and the venues got used to it they could not believe how it improved things, the entire operation was improved, important stuff was not overlooked and record keeping improved hugely…

2017 – We got asked to develope a ‘real-time checklist system for Glass collectors and cleaners to use during night time and day time openings, this was as a direct result of Insurance Companies losing claims due to defective unevidenced checklists.

Over 2 years of work and £500,000 invested brought us to Isitchecked.com, a system that is easy to use, very cost effective and once deployed to a venue would save 50% more than the cost of the system[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]