Video help and demonstrations

This section is where you will find access to video and helpful presentation files that will help you understand what can be achieved with ISITCHECKED

A quick introduction to the many possibilities that can help your business, whether a Bar or Night-club, Security Company, car Park patrols, HGV and Coach walk-around checks, equipment checks, open/closing process, or start and finish process – ISITCHECKED is totally customisable to your requirements

The instructions and guide is there to help new users of the system work their way through the initial steps, this version makes reference to NDML specialist Insurers and a service provided to their clients, although the guide perfect for anyone setting up the system for the first time.

IF you are in business then you should be recording certain checks and logs, sometimes they are a legal requirement, other times they are just to protect you against legal action, others are to help provide your Client with evidence of performance

This short film shows the possibilities for ISITCHECKED contactless and paperless checklist system, ensuring that essential checks are not missed, they can be checked in real-time with time and date stamp reports including GPS location, it also shows a couple of examples of what you see on the screen as a user completing a report.

Short instructions on ‘How to add track and Trace’ to your existing isitchecked account, a quick guide showing the easy way to cover your premises to comply with UK Track and Trace guidelines.