Maintenance records – Compliance Management


If you own or manage a workplace premises then you will be aware of the need for maintenance

Whether it is the annual fire extinguisher service, the weekly check, the passenger lift, emergency lighting, fire exits – the list is already building up and we can add, insurance, fire alarm maintenance, intruder alarm maintenance, pest control.

Now you have to manage the maintenance, arrange the relevant competent inspections and services, record the results and store the paperwork.

With our Compliance Management system, these checks are scheduled, you get reminders and NO Paper storage – it’s all stored in the cloud and easily accessible

Maintenance screen redacted

Maintenance of fire alarm detailed – redacted

Each one of the above records contains a download of the maintenance record.

But I keep an excellent paper system.

If you have a total loss situation then with our Compliance Management system you can log on in the coffee shop and start sending your insurers all the information they need to quickly deal with your claim – from anywhere in the world.

If you would like a free trial of our systems or simply a discussion to establish your requirements please use the contact details below, we look forward to helping you.