Success stories

A quick note of a couple of our success stories, these are what is possible when our systems are used correctly

A large city-centre venue with multiple floors and toilets on each floor used the ISITCHECKED system correctly, prior to ISITCHECKED they kept paper records, these would record a check made every 30 minutes, signed with a scribble on the half-hour = 12 checks per night

In reality, the toilets were being checked far more frequent, by floor managers, security, floor staff and bar staff. Once the system was installed the staff recorded independently by each group. Because they only scanned the QR code then submitted the check no one knew when the someone else had checked.

The result of this was totally unexpected, some nights recorded 180 to 240 checks, some only a few minutes apart and time, date and GPS stamped, all in real-time and saved to the cloud system. When a trip and slip claim was received the evidence from the checks stopped the claim immediately.

Same venue

The Manager received a complaint from a male that his girl-friend had been followed into the toilet and confronted by a male. The complainant wanted the police called despite there being no complaint from the female. His complaint was that the toilets should be checked frequently by staff and he hadn’t seen anyone checking.

Using the CCTV and ISITCHECKED the Manager was able to demonstrate that the toilets have been checked by staff over 15 times in the past 2 hours, the complaint went no further

A small city centre bar received a claim that a female had slipped in the toilets on a wet floor and had fractured her ankle.

The insurers placed the venue on notice as the excess was £3,000.00 and a reserve of £40,000.00 was estimated for the claim. The claim was not reported to the venue at the time.

ISITCHECKED and the Compliance Management training systems were in use. The venue was able to supply full training records for all the staff, Risk assessment and signed training for clean as you go and other training. ISITCHECKED provided the evidence of time, date and GPS stamped checks in the toilet over 12 times in 30 minutes by four different staff.

The case was stopped after the claimant Solicitor received over 100 pages of due diligence, records, training records and ISITCHECKED report

A large remote construction site in Australia had several large earth-moving machines which were refuelled overnight by an outside contractor

The problem to resolve here was that the paperwork by the supplier was not accurate enough and fuel discrepancies became apparent. ISITCHECKED deployed a working system from the UK to the outback site within one hour, the QR code issued to the machine covered the re-fuelling by the supplier AND the startup checklist for the machine.

The result of the system deployment was that the head office could access the reports in real-time some 900 miles away from the remote site, they could see the fuel added and then independently the report checks of the operator on startup – which included ‘fuel level’ as a double-check.

RESULT – a saving on fuel loss of thousands $$ per month and remote instant access to records

A small security Company had a contract to patrol a city-centre car park, numerous cars were broken into, it was apparent that the paper records of patrolling were NOT accurate, the Company was threatened with termination of a valuable contract.

ISITCHECKED system was deployed with checkpoints at various points throughout the site. The checks made by the security staff could now NOT be made up later as the system is real-time, time, date and GPS tagged.

Not only was the Security Company supervision improved as the Management could see in real-time if a check had been made but critical checks can be ‘scheduled’ and reminders sent to the operator and the manager if it is missed. Management would become aware of anyone who was asleep or ill or injured very quickly – NOT the next morning!