Caring for an elderly relative at home

When that moment comes and you have to concede that your elderly relative can no longer fully look after themselves at home, you are in the intermediate position that you can either look after them full time or if you are not able to then you get professional help from a care provider.

It’s one of the most stressful times of your life, you are fully committed to looking after Mum or Dad or Aunt, but you may not physically be able to, you may need to work still to provide for your family or live too far away or even abroad – this does not mean that you don’t care, you can only do your best.

If you go down the route of a professional supplier then you will want to ensure that they are doing the job for you that you are paying for, you want to know how they are if the medication was taken ok, were there any issues? Even something as simple as what time did the carer arrive and leave lets you know that your and your relative are receiving the care that you asked for and expect.

What if you could log into our software and see in real-time what was happening, create a report showing what medicines have been given, the times that the carer was in the house, how well they were and anything else you want to know about their treatment, after all you are paying for that service.

All that is needed is two QR codes located in the home and the carer has access to our free App, they scan the code when they arrive and leave, they scan an additional code to report on everything else, they submit the report and .75 second later you can read the details from anywhere on any internet-connected device, it can be printed to a PDF report and shared with other relatives or medical professionals by email.