Isitchecked is a unique system that was designed originally for bars and nightclubs to allow the Management, cleaning, bar staff and security staff to provide ‘Real-Time’ checklists.

The old way was a piece of A4 paper stuck onto the toilet wall, the page would be pre-printed in 30 slots and initialled by the member of cleaning.

As can be seen by this example of an actual main multiple site operator, as can be seen by this example they are initials, 9.30 am has already been missed, actually so has the next three checks as this was taken after 12.30 pm!

Isitchecked can be scheduled so that the checks aren’t missed, the system is real-time it cannot be ‘made up later’ as this one was later that day!

Isitchecked saves money, absolutely and without doubt, this one UK operator with 700 sites could save £6m plus per year (even if they don’t get any claim for slip/trip – that is just on wages and paper.

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