Review of Licence


This is the last thing that your business needs, a notice of closure for serious violence or disorder moving to a review of the premises.

Don’t wait until this point is reached!

If you have reached this point then you are already struggling to fix anything, things are NOT impossible to fix, it’s just going to be harder.

Look for the signs early, listen to the comments that your Licensing Police Officers are making to you, they don’t want to interfere with your business they are only interested in the reduction of paperwork on their desk. If your venue is not creating problems for them they will leave you alone, if the crime data, violence is climbing then they will be seeing more of you.

The officers may call and see you and explain that the data shows an increase in bag thefts, or assaults forming a new pattern, they will expect to hear you explain to them what you intend to do to reduce this complaint, if you don’t suggest anything, or say you will do this or that and either you have no effect or things stay the same then you go up a notch or two.

Some licensing reviews are like this, a slow ongoing burn of relatively minor problems, but lots of them, perhaps relating to drug use, bag thefts, complaints from customers – if you think these are just going to be forgotten they are not, things have changed and access to data and records is now a lot easier for the Police.

Whether you are at the early stages when it is the best time to contact us or at the later stages when you are about to lose everything you have worked towards it is always worth speaking to us. With 60 plus years of licenced Premises, experience and access to some of the best systems and legal advice we can help you make your decisions

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