How to get started


HSADD Ltd has a great team of supporting staff if you need any assistance to help get your business set up with isitchecked.

ISITCHECKED will be able to configure any of your checklists to make sure that your business is compliant with legislation, reduce your insurance exposure to claims, whether you have a complexed check system you wish to make digital or a simple few checks we can help.

Sign up for a free trial

We are also partners with Insurance brokers, NDML, if you are insurers with NDML then you should consider liaising with them as well, NDML offers a considerable discount for businesses who are using ISITCHECKED and our Compliance Management system.

After Sign up

You will be able to log into ISITCHECKED.COM, you should have also by this point have downloaded and registered your mobile App, you can use this to check your checks.

Read through the above presentation, the software is designed for ease of use and setup, if you have any questions or need any assistance give our team a call using the ‘Contact us’ link below.