Washroom and staff handwashing – post-CoVid-19

When everyone gets open – eventually! Then a recording of cleaning is going to be vital IF you are to avoid the worst of EHO, Police Licensing, LA etc scrutiny ‘IF’ a high number of Corvid cases have your venue as a common point of contact.

Screen shot Security persons entering record

Using ISITCHECKED then multiple security staff can record persons being admitted to your venue simultaneously by using a portable QR code fitted into a badge holder, or on a lanyard

Hand washing, cleaning, recording checklists to evidence procedures you have told them will happen, actually happen.

This may seem insignificant at this point as you concentrate on actually getting open, but we all know that when the crap hits the fan and a substantial investigation is carried out then the quality of your records will be tested – maybe even in a Court.

Handwash report – redacted

ISITCHECKED provides the ‘Paperless’ and ‘Contactless’ way to record persons entering the venue, records are cloud-based and easily accessible – in Real-time.