HSADD Ltd and ISITCHECKED reinvent the SIA Door Register

The new ‘E-Door Register’ through HSADD Ltd will introduce the highest standard available to all venues, whether nightclubs, bars, events, retail, sites – anywhere where a member of SIA is paid to attend and carry out their duty.


  • FREE Isitchecked 2 App
  • An administration account for web access
  • FREE QR code generated by our system
  • Bank account and Direct Debit facility set up

Once the security has downloaded the FREE App then they register using their email and details, The ADMIN owner of the site adds the security staff email to their back-office system and they are ready to scan the QR code immediately.

E-Door Register QR code

Once they scan the code then they see the following image which they complete by adding their door badge number and expiry date. After that, if there is an incident they can scan the code again and record the incident, all entries are automatically time/date/GPS tagged by the system. The records are available instantly via the Admin owner using the back office software.

Once you are set up you can have unlimited Security staff and unlimited reports, making this easily accessible – even if you are anywhere else in the world, you can be reassured that you have very accurate details of staff on site and incidents that may need further investigation in ‘real-time’.


The report system can generate and filter reports to multiple fields so that you present the information required and no more

If you have multiple sites – no problem this system can be extended to hundreds of locations, you can add further checklists for anything whatsoever by simply purchasing additional codes.