Vet practice

Toby Dog

Veterinary practices are subject to many regulations and are regularly inspected by Veterinary Medical Directorate (V.M.D) HM Government, Insurance costs can be extremely high but can under the right conditions actually be reduced by the implementation of high standards of record-keeping

One of the compulsory registers that must by law be kept is Controlled Drugs (CD) strictly managed and a register of holding and stock must be recorded. Many of the CDs that are abused (e.g. opioids, ketamine, benzodiazepines) are very commonly used in modern medical and veterinary practice and are necessary to ensure the welfare of patients (e.g. analgesia). Legislation has been put into place, firstly in an attempt to control drug abuse by reducing availability, and secondly, to facilitate a practical way to safely manage CDs within a healthcare setting.

ISITCHECKED.COM has been deployed in Veterinary Practices and has been subjected to an Audit by V.M.D, the Inspector for V.M.D stated that ISITCHECKED.COM software exceeds the requirements of V.M.D for use as a Controlled Drugs Register.

But the system does not stop at the secure register, the system was deployed throughout the practices, logging staff in and out, cleaning of the premises, slips and trip protection by recording inspections and condition of the floor.


Overnight and daytime treatment of animals kept in after operations and other treatments can be recorded and with our real-time cloud solutions not only do you have a time stamped irrevocable record of treatment but as a business owner you have real-time remote access to the copy of the reports submitted so that you can ensure that the correct treatment is being applied.

Thorough records of the treatment can be recorded so that if the animal, unfortunately, does not recover from the illness and the owner should start litigation you have a real-time record of the treatment provided.

Clean down of Kennel

Records can be kept of all clean downs of the Kennel, again providing you with great evidence of due diligence, records, in fact, can be kept of many parts of your compliance record keeping and more importantly, really important checks cannot be missed!