Staff training – Compliance Management system

AS an employer you have a duty of care and a legal responsibility to ensure that your employees are fully trained for the work they are to undertake if you don’t do this correctly and they have an accident you will be found liable. Training is only a small part of this, recording the results is extremely important as this provides for the evidence to your defence.

Our Compliance Management system helps you to maintain not only ‘New employee’ staff training and onboarding, but when the time comes to refresh their training this is automatically scheduled and the staff reminded.

Training screen redacted

Once you have your staff in the system then all training options for that group or department are automatically assigned, refresher training organised as per your specifications, Risk assessments, COSHH, emergency plan are all available to staff on our cloud system. Staff can train in their own time or with supervision, external courses can be recorded – all stored on the cloud and paperless.

Dashboard at login

Once you, as a Manager or HR controlled log into the Compliance Management you see a dashboard that shows everything that you need to know to maintain your business compliance, including staff training plus lots more.

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