Isitchecked – Static Security

Static security is an industry that would benefit from the use of ‘Isitchecked’.

Key positions on a site would have a QR Code deployed to them printed onto special rip-proof paper, this makes them robust and excellent when open to the elements.

A member of the security team would go to each point at or before the assigned check time and complete a report, it could be as simple as ‘Area secure and clear’ or any number of different checks

QR Codes can be placed anywhere throughout the property to be checked

The front gate or reception could also utilise a QR code, when this is scanned the guard may be required to enter a visitors details, a delivery detail – or just that the main gate is secure and no issues.

QR Code
QR Code, normally around the size of a business card

A number of security companies may deploy a single guard to look after your site or car park, under normal conditions the only way that the security company knows the guard is working would be for a supervisor to call him/her.

That only discovers that at that point in time he/she was awake enough to answer the phone! The guard can then can sit down and fill in a form detailing all the checks that he/she hasn’t even made.

Are you paying £25.00 per hour plus for this service?

With Isitchecked you can log onto any web-connected device and get real-time reports instantly, as a Security company you may wish to allow your Clients access to this facility.

As a company hiring a security company to look after your valuable asset, you may choose to insist that they use Isitchecked system to report, this way you can be sure that they are doing the job you asked them to do!

You would also exceed your insurance companies requirements for due diligence many times over with access to the full history of reports, signing in records, signing out records, specific checks on specific equipment – from anywhere.

Sample report from test site

Why would you not want to bring the USP and extra value to your Client? You can send a report each Monday along with the invoice of your charges to show what a great job you have done for the Client.

Should you be met with a contested invoice you can produce accurate reports showing the excellent job your team has done has exceeded the performance requested by the Client.

Should the site suffer a loss, not impossible, how many major banks are hit hard! But in this case, you can evidence your due diligence and evidence it quickly and efficiently.

You could have a ‘ON-SITE/OFF-SITE‘ QR code which your staff scan when they arrive and when they leave the site, this data can be scanned for payroll and to make sure that the staff are in on time (This option alone has saved some Clients lots in wages)

The lateness of staff or outright fraudulent pay requests can cost Companies thousand of pounds per year and the loss of respect by your Client!