F.A.Q’S & Tips


  • The more scans that your staff complete then the stronger the due diligence protects your business.
  • Night clubs/Bars – Toilet checks are really important, they are not only ‘well used’ and get dirty quickly but they can be used for illegal reasons, you may be asked to produce evidence that you are checking these frequently enough, have all staff, Security, Managers, Cleaners checking at least every 30 minutes per staff member – your cleanliness and efficiency will improve.
  • Restaurants – ensure that staff and Management complete the checks in accordance with your Local Authority requirements, it is not hard to meet these standards and to exceed them.
  • Security Staff – Security staff whether they are employed directly or are agency work for you, it is important that they have clear instructions and that they are aware of your expectations. Some can be very lazy and this reflects on your business