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Notice issued 11.15 GMT 10/07/2021


All the latest versions of our Free App now require access to location services, this is to improve the security of the product and to avoid fraud, the App WILL NOT be permitted to conduct scans without the location/GPS enabled.

This ONLY needs to be enabled for the time you are using the App, we are not interested in collecting any data from you when you are not using our product, we don’t use your information for any other uses (advertising, selling information) this is embedded in the root of our beliefs

Notice issued 12.15 07/07/2021


Users who are using the ANDROID App should go to the Play store and look for ISITCHECKED 2 FREE APP

Delete your existing app from your device and install ISITCHECKED 2 App.

Changes – You will have to select your location services to ON for this App, we are not interested in ‘tracking’ you and only require it to be on whilst you are using the app. By doing this it provides security and confirmation that the scans were carried out correctly. The new App has had a facelift and security features improved so please enjoy the free upgrade.

ISITCHECKED – Further upgrade at server level will take place on THURSDAY 8TH JULY 2021 between 07.00GMT and 10.00GMT – the level of disruption should last less than 2-3 minutes, no data will be lost and the upgrade will increase speed, increase security and usability at the server level

Notice issued 13.50 11/06/2021


Isitchecked will be migrated with significant back end upgrades on MONDAY 14th June 2021 between 07.00 and 10.00am. Some options may not work for a few minutes during this time as happens, but the improvements will be worth the short delay.


We Will also be migrating to a new server at the same time, a short interruption may take place but nothing more than a few minutes.

MySmartBar –

Now fully active with payment option available, this needs to be requested by the venue admin the standard default setting = payment option ON

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