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2019 to 2022 has been a horrible time for the Night Time industry as a whole, first with COVID then as the venues come out of that all of a sudden the Local Authorities seem (in some areas) to be on a seek-and-destroy mission making up for a lost time!

I have followed some of the more published issues involving serious issues at Bars and clubs, huge crush with fake ticket sales, a younger innocent pub attendee shot by accident and killed, young male stabbed – all over the Christmas period.

As soon as these happen the first thing that happens is the venue is placed on review and closed for 28 days – NO MATTER whether the venue has acted properly or not! I have always believed that the ‘punishment’ should match the crime, this process is NOT due process.

My sympathy always is with the people who, through no fault of their own, have lost their lives, the families that are devastated, the sadness tearing through family and friends, absolutely terrible, but to keep hammering a venue for say knife crime is just too easy to blame the venue!

The elected Government and the Courts HAVE to step up as these people carrying knives have little to no consequences of them getting caught carrying a knife, blade, or sharpened item, they have a very small chance of actually getting caught and even IF they arrived at Court they walk away laughing! – Just not good enough – by far.

Anyone in possession MUST receive minimum sentences starting at 5 years! Good behaviour definitely gets rewarded – they get out after 5 years!! Try bad behaviour – double the sentence!! there is a start!

People taking people’s lives, whether with a knife, crushed in a rush for the entrance with false tickets, or firing off indiscriminately into a crowded bar – are getting lesser punishment than some homeless stealing a pack of sandwiches from Tesco (other supermarkets are available)!!

Take a bar closed for 28 days, goes to review and the committee tells them to increase door staff or, and

I have been there, zero changes as the venue did all they could have reasonably done, has just cost the ‘innocent’ bar £700,00.00 in lost revenue and legal fees!! THIS IS NOT RIGHT.



  • GET YOUR PAPERWORK IN ORDER – Due diligence is often seen as a ‘none revenue stream’
  • IF YOU NEED HELP ASK EARLY – Too many leave asking until it’s too late to fix!

Last but not least the very best of wishes from all at HSADD Ltd to all of our hardworking clients and for our new clients and friends for 2023

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