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September, 2020

Are Venues leaving themselves at risk with COVID rules?


Numerous venues are using software to create a ‘safe area’ for customers to return, the question to ask is ‘have we been compliant’ or ‘are we doing our best’ – this is not always as simple as ‘we asked the customers to record their details, not my problem if they don’t’!

You may think that you are being ‘Compliant’ but if the system you are using is not working then you are NOT going to pass the ‘#hit hitting the fan’ test’. That is when you have an outbreak that is serious and the Local Authority decides that they need to carry out an investigation.


The problem is simple – IF you have an electronic system that relies on the customer scanning a QR code and entering the details then ‘IF’ all customers were honest, then great. BUT have you checked?

If you haven’t you should! You can then see how many M. Mouse’s, D Ducks etc. If that’s not enough ‘fail points’ for you then a quick comparison against sales or meals or whatever you can get a close idea of how many have been in. Big variance?

One venue did this and found a 75% deliberate avoidance either incorrect information or missing details


Pen and paper don’t really work well and can slow down the queue, ISITCHECKED is a recording solution that your staff use to record attendance. Using Security staff they should be able to tell if someone has big ears and a tail or a large flat beak (you would hope). But this method at least gets you closer to a more honest Track & Trace System, it is also easy to recall by time and date filter – when the #hit hots the fan!