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March, 2020

Business Insurance cost to rise by 400%?

It is possible that Insurance Companies will increase their charges by 400% on renewal?

Unfortunately, the answer to that maybe the horrible next thing that is going to hit once the Insurance has paid out all the claims for Business interruption cover, just when you thought the trade couldn’t get any harder the strong possibility that this could happen.

How can I cut this cost down?

The only way to reduce the costs of insurance is by reducing the risk of liability, this is achieved by ensuring that your Health & Safety, staff training and checklists are of the highest quality that you can. This may make the difference between even getting an offer of insurance or being declined for cover.

It is enviable after the amount that is being paid out by insurers over the Corvin-19 to many businesses throughout the UK, not just hospitality industry but almost every person in the UK, whether you are insuring a fleet of vehicles, a restaurant, a nursing home, most likely even private insurance, all will rise in price – without a doubt!

Don’t leave it until the last minute renewal to get your business compliant, if you want help then contact us at least 3 months before renewal and we will help you.

Contactless, checklist completion and filing – ZERO cross-contamination

Cross-contamination, social distancing, all key and important terms to think about when considering your workplace.

Whether it’s a cleaner, a security officer, shop worker or Nurse who has to complete any form of paper checklist then the minimum amount of people who handle that paper/pen then the more likely that you can remove the risk of any cross-contamination.

For example:

As part of your due diligence system to have the public toilets checked at frequent times.  By using our software your staff can scan a QR code at the location and complete a real-time checklist, i.e. ‘Toilets clean’, ‘hand drier working’ or any other check required. 

A Security Guard patrolling your site, you may have 5-10 locations that the guards have to check during their patrol, a QR code at each location will enable you to ensure that the patrol has completed his/her duty.

The temperature of food in the kitchens, refrigerator and freezer has to be checked and recorded.  This can all be completed, paperless and in real-time, IF it is missed then a warning is sent to the Supervisor.

Key features:

  • Paperless system
  • Real-Time system
  • Cloud-based
  • Automatic system timestamp
  • GPS location
  • Missed checks can be escalated and notified to Management
  • Free IOS and Android App
  • Multiple different checklists from the same QR code

Reducing the risk for future Corvid-19 type events

How can you risk assess and reduce the contact risk of Corvid-19 and similar viruses that can be passed through contact?

The biggest way to remove a ‘risk’ is to remove the cause of the risk altogether.

That is what ISITCHECKED, paperless, real-time and contactless checklist systems do already.

Let’s look at a normal checklist on paper:

  • Office staff print out the forms
  • The manager passes the checklist form to the employee
  • An employee takes the form and starts to complete it
  • IF more than one employee completes the form then they handle it
  • A member of the public see’s the form on the wall, looks at it, sneezes – contaminates it further
  • The employee completes the form, hands it back to maybe another Manager, they check the form
  • The Manager hands it to admin staff, they file it in a box

ISITCHECKED – Paperless real-timer system

  • QR Code is placed on the item or near the item to be checked
  • A staff member uses own mobile and ISITCHECKED App to scan the code
  • Completes the checklist, submits the report
  • Report is filed

No handling of paper = reduced risk of contact, cross-contamination no one in the sequences has to touch anything they don’t personally own – AND the APP is free for all users

Licenced premises – closed for how long??

Merseyside Police, probably amongst many forces have issued the warning below to all licenced premises, the advisory basically covers the security of the premises whilst it is closed.

Under the terms of your insurance policy, your insurance company will expect you to have taken reasonable care of your property. More than ever you will need to record the steps taken and keep verifiable records of the checks made on the premises


HSADD and ISITCHECKED system is recognised by many high-quality insurance specialists like NDML, Club Insure Ltd and by Government bodies such as VMD, S.I.A, as being an ‘accurate and reliable system to create and maintain important checklists which can be verifiable and of high evidential value’

QR can be deployed inside or outside the venue or any given checkpoint required

Existing Clients of HSADD and ISITCHECKED have a huge benefit in that the ISITCHECKED system can deploy a new QR code or multiple QR codes for checkpoints to cover the premises or add another check using existing deployed QR codes so that either your own Management or an external security company can record the visits made to your premises in a provable accurate method.

New clients who haven’t got our system could deploy our system (Free for the first 28 days) and then for the smallest package to get you through these times around £20.00 per site per month by Direct Debit. This cost would likely be covered by your insurers in order that they have irrefutable evidence that the checks were completed.

Even during Corvin-19 times, safety is still paramount

When considering hard times and cost-cutting you still have to comply fully with safety regulations, including working at heights and safety harness compliance.

HSADD Says: Please keep safe in these times, we will all get through this and come out stronger and better prepared, think of others, keep smiling and don’t be selfish and help others wherever you can.. Customers and clients alike will remember how they were treated in hard times!!!

Can paperless Systems reduce cross-contamination? – YES

The less that people have to pass something, whether it’s a pen and clipboard, or sheets of paper from the person completing the form to the supervisor then to the person who files the form away, then the less chance of cross-contamination – reduce the risk!

With ISITCHECKED the person completing the form or checklist uses their own mobile phone, the checks are made and then the form submitted in real-time. The whole chain above is bye-passed, no-one else has to either interact with the person or touch the paper, clipboard or pen! No even the filing cabinet or storage box!

Biologic contamination presents a risk to your staff and management that you should be reducing and showing how you have reduced the risk of contamination, whether is Covin-19 or other transmittable diseases the methodology is the same. REDUCE THE RISK!

CORVID-19 – Can you get sued over this???

Everyone at, the moment is concerned about the closing of businesses, drops in revenue, disruption to everyday life, how can we improve our chances, VERY IMPORTANT – will out business interruption insurance cover us??

Can you reduce the risk of passing on the virus to customers, other staff members of staff, did you take ‘reasonable’ care and steps to protect staff? Do you need to record that the staff have washed and sterilised their hands? A record that you have cleaned down and sterilised door handles, handrails etc? These are the questions you should ask!!

Working from home provides a great opportunity for the workforce, reduces the risk of cross-contamination if your Company has the capacity and ability to do that then this will help, long passed are the days when bully bosses believed that ‘IF your not in the office you are not working’!.


This risk is no different from any other risk, training should be recorded, even advice to staff should be recorded, definitely cleaning records should be checked and validated and this is where the better the records the better the defensibility. ISITCHECKED, real-time recording, time-stamped and GPS tagged – you cannot improve on this system with any other!

Banksman crushed by a shovel loader on large waste and recycling site

A waste management company pleaded guilty to causing a life-changing injury to one of its employees.

Folkestone Magistrates’ Court heard that, on 27 February 2017, an employee of Viridor Waste Management Limited was crushed by a reversing 22.5 tonne shovel loader driven by an on-site contractor at Viridor’s Crayford Materials Recycling Facility site in Crayford. The injured employee was working on foot in the area in his role as banksman, assisting a lorry to manoeuvre into a bay while a shovel loader reversed out of the bay independently, knocking him to the ground and driving over the lower half of his body. He suffered very serious internal injuries and multiple serious fractures, both with significant life-changing effects.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that Viridor Waste Management Limited failed to organise the workplace in such a way that pedestrians and vehicles could circulate in a safe manner. This prosecution is the fourth in 4 years for this company, two of which related to fatal incidents.

Viridor Waste Management Limited of Crayford Creek, Dartford, was found in breach of Regulation 4(1) of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 by virtue of Regulation 17(1). The company was fined £400,000.

Speaking after the case HSE inspector Megan Carr said “This incident is a reminder to the waste and recycling industry as to the importance of good workplace transport control which can often be achieved by simple pragmatic steps to avoid such incidents from occurring. HSE will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action against those that fall below the required standards.”

HSADD Says Yet another serious incident at a recycling station – When will these start being Pro-active for the safety!

Company fined after self-employed roofer falls from roof

A company specialising in roofing work has been fined after a self-employed roofer was seriously injured when he fell from a roof.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard that, on 1 September 2016, a self-employed roofer was carrying out work for Phoenix Roofing and Cladding Limited, placing new roof panels and other materials on a roof at an industrial unit at the Butlerfield Industrial Estate, Newtongrange. Whilst traversing the roof, the roofer slipped and fell through an existing roof light and landed on a suspended ceiling below.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that the fall from height was possibly due to the unsafe working environment and unsafe methods of working being undertaken. It was established the main cause of the incident was insufficient identification of risk in the work being done.

Phoenix Roofing and Cladding Limited of Meeks Road, Falkirk pleaded guilty to breaching Section 3(1) of the Health and Safety at work etc Act 1974 and were fined £20,000.

Speaking after the hearing, HSE inspector Stuart Easson said: “Falls from height remain one of the most common causes of work-related fatalities in this country and the risks associated with working at height are well known.

“Companies should be aware that HSE will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action against those that fall below the required standard.”

HSADD Says: For a Company ‘Specialising’ in roofing work they took their eye off the ball here!! I would have liked to see a more detailed report on why they have a ‘self-employed’ roofer working for them, and also what training did he receive? Of course, this doesn’t by-pass the lack of risk assessment and safety equipment to prevent the fall!!