Nightclubs and Bars

Bars and night-clubs have some of the highest rates of claims for Slips and trips in the UK, out of all other industries.

The reason is simple, lots of people, alcohol, excess consumption, stupidity and the biggest thing of all opportunity. I say this from experience, if the venue is so busy and has not enough staff then toilets don’t get cleaned as they should and everyone and their friend have mobile phones!

50% of claims likely have some authenticity to them, whilst the other 50% are just a deliberate fraud attempt.

Can these be defended? That depends on whether or not you can prove to your insurers and/or the Courts that you have been duly diligent.

The days of presenting a piece of paper with initials on have long gone, they are inaccurate, was it 12.00 exactly they were checked? Could it have been 12.05?,12.15? Who completed it? even if you still employ them they are not likely to remember the exact night and half the time tell the Court that the staff just wrote up the sheets at the end of the night so the Manager didn’t give them a hard time!

You just lost the case on each point

QR Code – Facilities Management

A unique QR code is generated for each area, these are then placed at strategic locations in your venue, above toilet entrance, front door, kitchen etc, wherever you need a report completing. These codes can be scanned by your staff using our free App and a report generated and submitted. Different groups can be set different checks, Bar staff, Manager, Security etc, the results are instant.

Isitchecked can be tailored to your venue, one site or multiple sites, different details for each checklist, one local Authority (LA) wanted a detailed multi-layer description of person refused entry to a Licenced Premises, others just want to know how many. Every option can be easily used to make sure that you are compliant and retain your licence

The documents read: “Due to recent violent incidents at the premises, XX Police believe the premises are associated with serious crime and serious disorder and there is a significant risk to public safety.”

A police spokeswoman said that they had ‘no option’ but to ask for the suspension after the three attacks, which happened last weekend and the weekend before, showing that you refused entry on a number of times can help save your Premises Licence.