Contactless, checklist completion and filing – ZERO cross-contamination

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Cross-contamination, social distancing, all key and important terms to think about when considering your workplace.

Whether it’s a cleaner, a security officer, shop worker or Nurse who has to complete any form of paper checklist then the minimum amount of people who handle that paper/pen then the more likely that you can remove the risk of any cross-contamination.

For example:

As part of your due diligence system to have the public toilets checked at frequent times.  By using our software your staff can scan a QR code at the location and complete a real-time checklist, i.e. ‘Toilets clean’, ‘hand drier working’ or any other check required. 

A Security Guard patrolling your site, you may have 5-10 locations that the guards have to check during their patrol, a QR code at each location will enable you to ensure that the patrol has completed his/her duty.

The temperature of food in the kitchens, refrigerator and freezer has to be checked and recorded.  This can all be completed, paperless and in real-time, IF it is missed then a warning is sent to the Supervisor.

Key features:

  • Paperless system
  • Real-Time system
  • Cloud-based
  • Automatic system timestamp
  • GPS location
  • Missed checks can be escalated and notified to Management
  • Free IOS and Android App
  • Multiple different checklists from the same QR code

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