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August, 2021

Do you want your Security Company to stand out from the others?

Isitchecked is a unique due diligence system that will provide time, date, GPS stamped reports using just a QR code and a mobile phone with our FREE App loaded.

As a security provider the days of S.I.A security staff just turning up and standing at a front door are rapidly ending. So much more is expected from them from reporting incidents, logging defects, ensuring not only are the premises safe but making a record that will stand up to litigation and defend the venue.

ISITCHECKED – is a simple system that is extremely cost-effective, once deployed any additional checks required by the customer can be activated from anywhere in the world within minutes. No need to change anything on-site, each QR code can produce numerous reports dependent upon the Department that the person scanning is working for.

A member of security scanning a code may have 3-4 options, a Supervisor may have several different checks to be carried out, a cleaner may have a totally different set of checks to be carried out, all in real-time.

ISITCHECKED – will produce fantastic reports which can be emailed to your Client within minutes, both saving time, paperless – so environmentally beneficial. Best of all your Clients are protected by the evidence provided by the system.

  • Night-clubs and Bars
  • Race courses
  • Restaurants
  • Football grounds
  • Hospital and health premises
  • Gyms
  • Vetinary practices
  • Supermarkets
  • Petrol Stations
  • Garages
  • ANY business that requires ‘Paper checklists’