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April, 2022


I have a tendency to ‘harp’ on about keeping up with good due diligence, pushing our cloud-based services, (I do this because I know they work). One of my Clients appreciated this only too well recently.

They had a very serious and extreme incident at the venue resulting in allegations against Security staff of affray, possession of weapons, excess use of force and a customer arriving with a weapon.

The Police went for an interim hearing extremely confident that they would get full closure, I was told they had a 99% chance of getting this and my Client had a 1% of NOT getting closed!

The Client had our Compliance Management and ISITCHECKED systems in use and notified us within 3-4 hours of the incident, enabling an immediate response.

At the interim hearing, I explained what had been done since the incident, what was already in place and what we were going to do. The committee supported our Clients application and he has remained open – against all odds!

Premises licences have been suspended for far less of an incident than this one.

Take a look at our ‘Best Practices Post

What do I take away from this experience – That OUR systems and practices place any venue in a good defensive position, do it right the first time – STAY OPEN.