CORVID-19 – Can you get sued over this???

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Everyone at, the moment is concerned about the closing of businesses, drops in revenue, disruption to everyday life, how can we improve our chances, VERY IMPORTANT – will out business interruption insurance cover us??

Can you reduce the risk of passing on the virus to customers, other staff members of staff, did you take ‘reasonable’ care and steps to protect staff? Do you need to record that the staff have washed and sterilised their hands? A record that you have cleaned down and sterilised door handles, handrails etc? These are the questions you should ask!!

Working from home provides a great opportunity for the workforce, reduces the risk of cross-contamination if your Company has the capacity and ability to do that then this will help, long passed are the days when bully bosses believed that ‘IF your not in the office you are not working’!.


This risk is no different from any other risk, training should be recorded, even advice to staff should be recorded, definitely cleaning records should be checked and validated and this is where the better the records the better the defensibility. ISITCHECKED, real-time recording, time-stamped and GPS tagged – you cannot improve on this system with any other!




2nd April 2020

Keep up the awesome work !! Lovin’ it!


David HendersonReply

6th April 2020

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28th April 2020

Maintain the excellent job and producing in the crowd!

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