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In 1993 I started working in a Night-club in North Wales, the premises had ‘issues’ with the Police and Licensing Authority that needed fixing. I was able to bring a couple of totally off the wall solutions that not only fixed the problem but over the following years turned the venue into a massive success – weekly hours worked around 50-70 hours per week!

2001 I moved and bought a share in a large Liverpool based venue, this again was doing two things – 1. expanding, 2. having issues with Police and Local Authority (same senior Directors – same issues)! – Average hours now 80-90 to 110 hours per week.!

Again – new solutions and bring the venue from the ‘old’ ways to the ‘new ways’.

2005 – We are suffering a huge hike in Insurance claims, almost one per day, 90% claims are fake (remember the Accident Group), our excess is now £5,000.00 per claim and insurance renewal excess of £78,000.00, changes HAD to be made rapidly.

2005 I become a Consultant for a Compliance Management system that covers Health & Safety, Fire risk assessment, Risk assessments, staff training and much more. I introduce a total accident and reporting system, everything that occurs gets reported and investigated. I am now able to start defending these claims.

2006 – After a huge row with our insurers over the settlement of fake claims I had had enough and I change over to NDML Insurance, our agent Mike Dawson, promised faithfully that they had a different approach and defended cases strongly, WHAT A DIFFERENCE THAT MADE!

By this time if we get a claim for slip/trip I can immediately (15 minutes is close enough), I was able to provide from the Cloud around 120 pages of due diligence, staff training, checks, maintenance etc

2007 to 2018 – NOT one claim has been paid out in 11 years after we defended the first two claims then the number of claims received dropped off a cliff, I realised that the Insurance Companies who provided ‘after event’ insurance must have realised we strongly defended and went elsewhere to easier targets

Paper checklist -v- ISITCHECKED

2014 – I took part in the development of ISITCHECKED, our own real-time checklist system, this really closed the loop on potential claims. As an example, if you have a paper list in a toilet people will check the toilet and sign a piece of paper every half hour, 6 hours open 12 checks signed. With ISITCHECKED, you have a QR code outside the toilet, any staff checking the toilets, whether cleaners, security or managers scan and record a check. So 6 hours open around 84 different checks, so only minutes apart, all signed and time-stamped with GPS tag.

One of the unexpected results from ISITCHECKED system is that unlike a paper checklist no-one can see when the toilet or other check has been done, so if a Manager checks the toilets for instance 5 minutes after a cleaner and then a member of security checks 2 minutes later all three have recorded their checks in the past 10 minutes.

So IF you want to be as claim-free as possible, reduce claims against your business, reduce your insurance premiums, stop paying insurance excesses then get in touch!

This also applies if you have had conditions placed on your premises licence by the Police or LA that you need to evidence that you have completed, this system, if used correctly, will give you the protection you need.

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