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Carbon saving will be the next ‘TAX’

Carbon Footprint

It is without now really apparent that with few other things to tax and the raising of global warming issues throughout the world that Governments will be looking to raise revenue from businesses and individuals

UK Government is already ramping up the pressure on diesel car owners making it more and more difficult for owners to their vehicles through the MOT test, this effectively causes the owner to sell the car at pennies and buy a new one.

All ‘New’ petrol or hybrid vehicles have road tax applied unless it is fully electric, then the road tax is free – at the moment! Sooner or later when everyone has slipped into fully electric cars then they will need to recover the lost taxes, ‘Carbon Tax’ will then really start cutting in.

First will be Businesses, starting at the bigger ones first, on top of your tax returns you will be asked to show your ‘Carbon’ footprint, then a value will be attached to those using X carbon per year. To counter this (like VAT input/output) you will show your carbon savings, all of which will be subject to auditing!

See as an example of what a simple and easy change can save you.

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