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Compliance Management in your business, no matter how small or large, can become an administrative nightmare, you feel like a juggler trying to keep on top of everything you have to in order to comply with legislation

So you have: Staff training, Risk Assessments, recording checklists, operational checks, maintenance recording, COSHH, Fire Risk assessment, Health and Safety policy, Health and safety meetings – The list is long! and then some. And that is before you put your mind to making money and other aspects of your business.

Accident reporting

What if I could automate the majority of your processes so that once staff training, for instance, is set up you never have to remember when the next retraining is due when the next Lift maintenance or fire extinguisher test is due. When you take on a new member of staff you just enter the details and sit them down to complete the training, all the appropriate training modules are selected automatically.

Company checklists

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