Roofer fined for breaches of working at height

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When working at a height over 8 metres then scaffold should be used and when working on a roof then protection for falls must be in place and also

The devil is always in the price – every time there is a ‘risk’ taken then money is at the bottom of it, in this case the builder was charging £650.00 for the work on a roof.

Had the job been completed ‘correctly’ then he would have had to charge between £1,500.00 and £2,000.00 in addition to actually make any profit.

So by cutting the corner he was able to undercut any competitive price and ensure that he got the job from the customer who is only cost driven and lacks understanding of the dangers as he/she would expect the builder to do it ‘right’.

The builder was fined £2,000.00 plus £1,966.00 in costs, if anyone had been injured or ‘almost’ injured this fine would have been substantially higher.


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