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A Message from HSADD Ltd and ISITCHECKED

Hi Folks, during this terrible Corvin-19 lock down a number of our customers have chosen to ‘cancel’ their Direct Debit mandate, some have told us in advance, some have not told us at all and a number have continued to pay us, and for that we will be eternally grateful.

We understand the crisis that a number of our customers are in and in that respect here is how we have chosen to deal with those that have in the short-term (hopefully).

We are here to help you, that is the core of our business so to that end under normal times those that would stop paying would have the locked the accounts and closed them, then when the customer needed to restart then it would be a new setup, all previous data locked and a new account setup.

We have chosen NOT to do this as this would in the long term give the business even more issues to deal with than they will have on return to normality.

We have decided to leave all the accounts open and ready to re-start, basically freezing things as they are and when things return we will restart our invoices and set up new Direct Debit mandates, we hope that our customers will appreciate this gesture of sharing the burden.

Those that have continued to pay the monthly fees will receive a separate letter from us once this is over to outline a bonus reward for helping us to help the smaller venues as a ‘thank you’.

We are still here ready to help and working closely with #NTIA and #NDML to make sure that those who are members get the absolute most help as possible during and after this crisis is over.

Keep hope and consider others as much as possible, we are standing side by side with our Clients, before, during and after this crisis – stay safe.

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9th June 2020

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