Facilities Management – Do you get 5-star service from your provider?

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The level of service that you provide to your Client has to be the very best in today’s market. If you don’t provide the best service then very shortly that contract will be lost, quite rightly, to someone who provides the best service.

It is not just the level of cleaning, punctuality, dress code, efficiency that counts towards service, you need to provide documentation and supporting evidence to the Client so that they can also evidence the work completed by you as a contractor. That involves providing documentation.

ISITCHECKED provides real-time data at a reasonable price.

ISITCHECKED enables any facility management company to provide evidence at every part of the operation, from staff arriving, the cleaning or patrolling, the time that staff leave, this is in a real-time, cloud-based system. ANY checklist can be created, added to or changed, again in real-time and from anywhere in the world.

  • GPS Tagged
  • Time and date stamped
  • Full name of operator
  • Any checklist layout
  • Fully editable lists
  • Staff added and deleted as needed
  • PDF reports for email
  • Paperless system
  • QR Codes can be self printed reducing costs
  • Multi-sites – one bill


If you are a facilities management provider, no matter what service you provide and want to provide the very best service to your Clients then ISITCHECKED is the system for you. Reasonable pricing and easily deployed, your staff are doing the job so they should be recording that.

ISITCHECKED reduces substantially the supervision level required at any site, you can see when they are on-site, see when certain tasks are performed remotely, it is estimated that the supervision cost savings exceed the system costs many times over.

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