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Whether it is the NHS or facilities Management, home care for the elderly or infirmed or care homes, everyone at some point have checklists that they complete, this is normally on paper – not counting clinical notes.

Toilet facility Management

The variety is vast, from simple toilet checks, floor cleaning records, open and closing records, vehicle and equipment checks, fridge temperature checks for medical storage fridges or food storage.

Every piece of paper can pass between seven people and hold Corvid-19 virus for up to 3 days

washroom facility paper checklist

The paper checklists are not only holding untold virus and bacterial content rendering them a good transported for infection, but they are also technically worthless to defend any claim for litigation against your business.

The entries are more often wrong, the times are never accurate, the person who has completed the check cannot often be identified, IF they are missed the Management do not know the checks haven’t been completed until many days even after they should have been!

QR Code – Facilities Management

The checklist can be replaced with a simple QR code attached to the wall outside the facility, whether it’s toilets, fridges, car park, corridors, lifts in fact anything or anywhere you need a checklist completing.

The QR code is then scanned by a mobile phone or any internet-connected device, like a small tablet, once scanned then the report is available on the device, it is completed and submitted. The report is then available 0.75 seconds later from anywhere in the world (see our short video)

Meeting staff and customers

As you start to reopen your businesses, things like social distancing, hand washing, temperature checks, alcohol gel placements are all going to have to be checked and recorded, IF you don’t keep good records this may make you liable to claims from both staff and customers alike.

Why not make it as easy as possible to keep these records?

ISITCHECKED can do all this for you and store the records in our cloud-based system.

  • ZERO cross-contamination between people
  • ZERO paper handling
  • Eliminating up to seven people handling a piece of paper
  • ZERO Paper buying, printing or storage costs
  • Instant access to multiple report formats and export to PDF
  • Automatic Time, date and GPS stamp
  • Fast, almost instant change or add to checklists remotely

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