When you re-open the business will be totally different

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Do you expect that you will just flip a switch to turn the lights on and start working as you did on 22nd March 2020?

You could not be further from the truth and here at HSADD we have been looking deeper into the things that you may have to do different, not only to prevent cross-contamination but under Insurance warranties, H.S.E requirements and any ‘New’ Corvid laws that may come in.

Not taking into account of any ‘social distancing rules’, which could place capacity values to 1 person per 4m2 – how can you even have a conversation with someone 2 metres away with music playing? It’s just not practical, it’s positively ‘Un-sociable’ under the normal ‘having a night out’ situation.

It comes as the Trade Unions Congress (TUC) has urged businesses desperate to resume trading to take caution.

It is calling for “tough new measures” to ensure that all employers carry out a risk assessment before lockdown measures are lifted and staff return to work.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady told the BBC’s Today programme: “Everybody wants people to get back to work safely so that we can get the economy back on its feet”.

“But workers have to know and be confident, that their health and safety is being put first. Otherwise, we’re going to see this virus spread again and we’ll be back to square one.” (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52438693)

Having spoken to Insurance Companies, who may have to pay out over £1.2 BILLION! The insurance Companies will need to re balance the books and that can only come from the customer in increased premiums, increased claim excesses and less flexibility with claims.!

Stricter Insurance terms are more than likely

The enforcement of T&C’s is likely to be ruthless, making sure that your staff are fully trained, that records are kept to high standards will all be examined by Claims Departments looking to reduce the payout, use your excess or at worse reject the claim back to you because you are in breach the T&C’s!

Don’t wait until you only have a couple of weeks notice to get up and running, advanced preparation and putting in place your H&S, staff training, record-keeping systems, like ISITCHECKED paperless and contact-less checklist system to remove possible viral transfer, are an absolute must AND they can be prepared well in advance! You will have enough to do to get open and dealing with this element now is one job less to deal with.

Whether it’s staff training, Health & Safety Policy, real-time checklists, Fire Risk assessments, HSADD Ltd has a digital cloud-based solution for you, which includes contactless checklists and staff training reducing transfer contamination risk.

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