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You REALLY need to consider giving your customers a choice, whether to order and pay by App or in-person face to face, wear a mask or not. Some Local Authorities are being ‘more insistent’ than others in their approach so it is important that YOU make the right choice when it comes to a Table service App

Look at the charges – almost ALL the providers hide the prices deep in the details, clearly, there is a reason for that!!

  • Price per sale – most charge a percentage
  • Merchant fees – we use ‘Stripe’ the account is yours, we don’t process the money
  • Remember – you pay merchant fees already for credit/debit transactions


The end is near.!!

I have seen some great images of venues opening with outside space, happy staff, happy owners, happy customers – hopefully, this is the direction we are all heading.

I am now receiving calls and emails from my customers who were with me prior to closure and new customers who we are working closely with to make sure that once you get open – you STAY open and compliant.

We have worked closely with NTIA, NDML and our Clients to make sure that this happens, IF you are fully compliant then you are not just COVID safe, but safe from all the other enforcement agencies who are also now getting back to work!

On the FIRST weekend of opening, some venues had as many as SIX visits over 8 hours open by Law enforcement ‘just checking all was OK’! Really!


Our new product – MYSMARTBAR – offers a table service App built by a former venue owner for venue owners at 1p per transaction! We believe that we are the most economical service offered in the UK.

We offer a choice, the basic is 1p per transaction, that’s it OR if you want to collect payment through our FREE App then you pay STRIPE fees on top (All venues pay these merchant fees whoever you use).

£99.00 one off setup fees – we upload your entire menu and set up your full back office saving you hours.

Do I need special equipment? – NO, we don’t try and sell you anything, you can use any internet-connected device to access your orders and sales.


One of the best and simplest paperless checklist, fixed fees, unlimited checklists, multiple staff, multiple departments, GPS and time-stamped, exportable PDF reports, missed checks reminder.

Each system is personalised to your specific needs, IF you have to add another area – no problem you can easily personalise it to suit your venue.




NIGHT TIME ECONOMY APPG Releases Report on Covid 19 Impact on UK Nightlife: Thank you to the 20,000 people who took part in the parliamentary survey on Covid-19 and UK nightlife. Your support is incredible and the findings have been presented to the Government. To read the report go to: ntia.co.uk/appg (link in bio!) #SaveNightlife

The end is in sight, keep up the hard work.

Staff drinks after work? Tier 2 Police say ‘NO’


That is the simple answer that was given by one Police force following a case where a venue in Liverpool received a visit during Tier 2 restrictions to find a number of staff members having a ‘staff drink’ at 01.30am. Each staff member received a £200.00 fixed penalty and the premises ‘may’ have the licence reviewed! https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/staff-fined-drinking-city-centre-19529749

“Staff at any venue are subject to COVID rules, the staff are basically socialising outside of the permitted family bubbles”

So HSADD Ltd advise to venue operators is clear, Staff drinks at the venue, after work cannot be justified and will breach the guidelines so don’t risk it as the staff can get a fine and the venue a fine/review – and everyone is having the worst trading conditions ever without getting either of these enforcement actions!

This is very disappointing for venues who respect the work that the staff do to bring the night together, however, the Hospitality industry has been the focus of attention for the last 12 months and the last thing we all need is further attention to the industry.

Can bars and venues see the light at the end of the tunnel – OR is it an oncoming train!

Has the UK Gov made a total hash of the COVID-19 crisis? lets not kid ourselves some industries have come out a lot better that Bars and nightclubs, some of which have been fully closed since March 2020.

The industry has had the benefit of Furlough, no business rates, grants (for those that qualified), some even managed to get some other discretionary grants. It was noticeable that some London venues managed to get huge grants to help them, some northern venues also but these venues are not the majority that are the day to day bread and butter of the night-time economy we know and love.


Now as we get to the almost end of the crisis everyone should remember the businesses and organisations that have helped, some in a small way, others who risked there own business to help. #NDML spring to the forefront as they stood up against the big insurers and stood behind the policies they have sold in good faith.

#NTIA – Mike Kill and Co have been a fantastic help to all the independents, small and large and have never ceased to give support and fought the good fight and I firmly believe that without this substantially more businesses would have vanished than have gone so far.

I have lost count of the number of Companies, Landlords and other suppliers who were only interested in themselves, even some actually stated “well you’ve had the Grant so you should just give us that” – this poor conduct should be the forefront of your mind when you come to reopen!!


I reported on 19th May 2020 https://hsadd.co.uk/will-landlords-reduce-rent-charges-by-80/ That a full reset of the current system of up to 80% is going to be needed in order to get bars and venues back on their feet, I feel that I was justified in what I said then and I am today – nothing will get back to the way it was for many years!

Why? Quite a few reasons, are the customers now used to staying at home more? Do they all believe that with vaccination they are 100% safe? Do people want to mix in large crowds again, nose to nose? Have they lost their jobs (nearly 1 million have and that’s only what is official declared)?

HSADD thinks – That venues will not get full opening until after April 2021, that is when the Furlough is running until and also by this time we should have several million people vaccinated. UK Gov will have a % figure of the population that they are content to release the hounds, I would suspect it is between 70% to 85% population.

I also think they will need to have some form of evidence that a person has been vaccinated, whether it is a card or some sort of code on a drivers licence or passport and then at least the venues can have some form of admission policy.

Personally, I cannot wait to get through this issue and I am really optimistic that the independent venues can recover, they have to, and there is so much talent in our industry who come up with brilliant ideas and promotions knocking the ball out of the park and doing the unexpected.


https://isitchecked.com – Adaptable real-time checklist system totally adaptable to any situation, any checklist – AND Insurance discounts for using this system.

https://mysmartbar.co.uk – Mobile order App built by bar and venue owners for venue owners, we have kept the product as low priced as possible, at 1p per order regardless of order size is the lowest priced in the UK/world?

https//hsadd.co.uk – provides health and safety support with real-time software covering all aspects of Health & Safety from Fire Risk assessments, staff training, Risk assessments, Equipment maintenance records – basically everything you need to run your compliance management from anywhere in the world.

So I hope everyone has a good a Christmas and New Year as possible, stay safe and don’t risk yourselves or your loved ones, hopefully, come May 2021 we can have some fantastic Christmas Parties (Marketing idea is for free)!! :-))

Are Venues leaving themselves at risk with COVID rules?


Numerous venues are using software to create a ‘safe area’ for customers to return, the question to ask is ‘have we been compliant’ or ‘are we doing our best’ – this is not always as simple as ‘we asked the customers to record their details, not my problem if they don’t’!

You may think that you are being ‘Compliant’ but if the system you are using is not working then you are NOT going to pass the ‘#hit hitting the fan’ test’. That is when you have an outbreak that is serious and the Local Authority decides that they need to carry out an investigation.


The problem is simple – IF you have an electronic system that relies on the customer scanning a QR code and entering the details then ‘IF’ all customers were honest, then great. BUT have you checked?

If you haven’t you should! You can then see how many M. Mouse’s, D Ducks etc. If that’s not enough ‘fail points’ for you then a quick comparison against sales or meals or whatever you can get a close idea of how many have been in. Big variance?

One venue did this and found a 75% deliberate avoidance either incorrect information or missing details


Pen and paper don’t really work well and can slow down the queue, ISITCHECKED is a recording solution that your staff use to record attendance. Using Security staff they should be able to tell if someone has big ears and a tail or a large flat beak (you would hope). But this method at least gets you closer to a more honest Track & Trace System, it is also easy to recall by time and date filter – when the #hit hots the fan!

Pub Closed for COVID breaches

Oldham pub closed down after repeated breaches of social distancing guidelines. @OldhamCouncil sd the Granby Arms pub in Uppermill had had up to 100 people drinking outside and opened for drinkers when all other pubs were closed during the lockdown. https://twitter.com/bbcnwt/status/1296480591328808960?s=12

HSADD says: WHY o WHY, do certain premises decide to drag the rest of the hardworking pubs and clubs into the press like this??!! It is hard enough to even break even and staying within the rules without every member of the public believing that all operators are just there to break the rules. On this occasion, I can find zero sympathies for the DPS and owners here.

HSADD Ltd with it’s software solutions to help venues has had to watch and take part in this COVID infection, we have not been able to trade the same with 70% of our business directly being the night time economy.

When the 23rd March arrived and within 3 days we did nothing but get cancellation notices for Direct Debit. Did it hurt, absolutely, Did we demand part-payments, holding fees etc – absolutely NOT, we totally understand the stress venues are up against.

Did we sit back? NO I through my knowledge behind the likes of #NDML and #NTIA and Mike Kill as I could see the work they were putting in to help independent venues, the very source of my knowledge for the past 30+ years. Venues needed help, guidance, encouragement and most of all more than a small number needed to just talk it through!.

We, with our software partners. MYSMARTBAR was designed and built the table service App from scratch, the only requirement we made was that it MUST be affordable for every small or large venue. This was achieved and the system is now live and running.

We adapted ISITCHECKED to help venues with our system to handle Track and Trace, our Clients paid nothing extra for this – WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU, is becoming more like a moto!

The bottom line is that we at HSADD Ltd have been side by side with many venues, I have spoken to numerous operators some for just practical operational advice, some needing a sympathetic ear, some even more desperate, hopefully at the end of each and every conversation, I sensed that I had helped the person in some way or other.

Message to #NDML #NTIA and all venue operators, whilst it’s tough-going now BUT when this is over you will have pushed through your most difficult time in history!

Last Orders?

Here we are In August 2020, the Lockdown was placed around 23rd March 2020 and for all the bars, night-clubs, bowling alley’s, restaurants and the like it has been the most miserable time ever.

I have spoken to owners and operators who have been close to tears having placed 100’s thousands GBP plus untold hours which have been lost track of! There is now no sign of an end to this as COVID-19 continues to cause chaos, with venues planning to open only to be told the day before NO!

After working in this industry for over 30 years and only selling in 2018 I feel for these operators and owners, I feel the pain for the staff involved all of who treat this industry as more than a ‘Job’, you have to have a special skill set to be an owner/Manager, work a busy venue as security or sales staff it takes a certain skill!, A perseverance, empathy the ability to listen and not judge.

I have said for a while, (Since April) that the entire industry needs to be ‘reset’, that includes Landlord Rent, Business rates, IF this doesn’t happen you will never catch up, you will be worried about ever-mounting debts that due to restrictions – the venue cannot possibly catch up!

Now Mayor Andy Burnham has said, “There is a growing amount of evidence that pubs are one of the main places where this virus spreads.” He further states  “You can’t safely open schools with pubs open as well, with that level of performance.” in relation to Track and Trace – You can clearly see that the ‘BLAME the bars’ rhetoric is starting to build. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-53714874


You HAVE to follow the guidelines, no matter how you feel about them whether it’s ‘Social distancing’, ‘Track and Trace’, ‘Table service App’ IF it’s in the rules/guidelines you leave yourself wide open for further kicks in the (You know where) if you don’t!

I have spoken to numerous venues and operators and listened to the reasons they don’t believe they ‘need’ to follow the ‘Guidelines’, from ‘lack of interaction with customers and staff’, ‘The are only guidelines’, ‘our customers are only young and less vulnerable’ This will NOT work when the crap hits the fan and they trace an outbreak back to your venue!! They will be on you like a ton of bricks and you will be closed!

HSADD Ltd has three products to help venues stay compliant

MYSMARTBAR provides a Table service developed specifically to help Bars, restaurants, takeaways and venues get back on their feet by charging only 1p per order and £99 setup fee. This includes Track & Trace built-in.

ISITCHECKED Provides a real-time checklist which can be adapted to any scenario and can be used for Track & Trace independently, this keeps a full record of all the things you are doing to remain compliant. When EHO or the Police call there is nothing better than full digital records to defend your venue.

Compliance Management – This is a fully integrated cloud-based Health & Safety package that covers staff training through to Fire risk assessment and maintenance records.

The last word, I have over 30 years at running a busy and ‘difficult’ venue in Liverpool City Centre, there is little that I have not had experience with, dealt with, resolved over that time, IF I can help I will, the call and my time will not cost you a penny – but could save you thousands!

MYSMARTBAR – now open

MySmartBar has launched with great enthusiasm and is the ONLY 1p per order App in the UK, which has been built to help businesses trade safely and at a reasonable price for venues that have suffered through COVID


  • PRODUCTS MENU(s) uploaded for you



MySmartBar 1p per order table app – LAUNCH DATE ANNOUNCEMENT

MONDAY 27TH JULY 2020 09.00 AM – Now stop paying excessive fees to other Table order App services! 1p PER ORDER!

  • Quick and easy setup one-off fee £99
  • Low 1p (yes one penny) per order
  • Monthly direct debit billing
  • No Contract tie in
  • Free customer App
  • Venue full admin system, (change your menu, manage staff)
  • Minimises staff customer contact
  • Multiple staff using the same time
  • Improves sales flow and time
  • New features coming soon

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