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Our Last Four Years

Our Mission

We want to make your compliance processes paperless, searchable and integrated with your daily routine.

If an incident occurs, you will have a detailed set of records available to prove to the health and safety authorities that you were indeed in compliance with all rules and regulations at the time.

HSADD will streamline your processes to such an extent that all the requirement to comply with health and safety regulations is as much part of your daily business routine as opening your front door.

Staff training and refresher training once in place is fully automated, staff get the reminders direct to their email in box, they can complete the training on any internet connected device at any time - this includes Risk Assessments, training, Company T&C's - No more HSE prosecutions or Employment Tribunal action alleging you have failed to train your staff.

Reducing your insurance premium year on year through better compliance and reduced claims.Reminders and cloud storage for all legally required certificates, Fire alarm test, Fire extinguisher tests etc - No more missed renewals.